Lighting Insights


Alex Reardon: Taming the Tsunami

Photo Credit: Todd Kaplan Before working on the design for the Bad Boy Family Reunion in Brooklyn’s Barclay Center, Alex Reardon sat down with star Sean Puffy Combs to hear what he describes as the hip hop legend’s “tsunami of ideas” regarding the milestone concert. Out of this meeting the London-born lighting and set designer […]

Al Gurdon: Woven Light

As the designer of Super Bowl Halftime Shows and scores of other major events across the globe, this Prime Time Emmy Award winner has designed shows involving thousands of high-output fixtures. Still, when discussing the critical elements of a design, Gurdon is as apt to dwell on a dark area or slight color change as […]

Al Crawford: The Feeling of Light

Light has no mass, but it can be felt; not in a tactile sense of course, but certainly in an emotional one. This emotive energy is the driving force behind Al Crawford’s approach to lighting design. The Lighting Director of the renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Crawford views the role of lighting design as […]

Tim Routledge: Practical Visionary

Anyone who’s seen this British born designer’s work on projects like Beyoncé, Take That, Jeff Lynnes ELO arena tour, Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup Opening Ceremonies, and the BBC 6 Music Festival, cannot help but be impressed by the broad scope of his vision and the multi-dimensional structure of his design. Deftly blending colors, patterns, multimedia […]

Conociendo la serie Maverick

Desde su reciente debut, la nueva serie Maverick de equipos móviles ha generado el revuelo que suele producir una estrella de rock. Ford Sellers, gerente de producto de CHAUVET Professional, nos explica los motivos de este alboroto. A través de un recorrido por esta nueva serie, Ford comparte la filosofía detrás del desarrollo de Maverick, comenta algunas de las características destacadas de los equipos, […]

Martin Gagnon: Making Buildings Talk

Buildings speak to the founder and chief designer of the award-winning Montreal architectural lighting firm AMBIANCES DESIGN PRODUCTIONS. Not, of course, in the literal sense of uttering words, but through the more ethereal messages they communicate about their place in history, nature and their communities. If buildings do indeed “talk,” Gagnon has endowed many of […]

Expandiendo opciones visuales para La Banda

Un nuevo programa que sin haber sido probado previamente competiría con el debut de la temporada de Sunday Night Football de la NFL, las finales del Abierto de tenis de los EE.UU., y el retorno de Fear the Walking Dead, no presagiaba una gran audiencia. Sin embargo, el reality show La Banda, transmitido por Univisión, […]

Howard Ungerleider: The Movement Of Light

“Nothing is more revealing than movement,” wrote Martha Graham. The fabled choreographer and dancer probably never worked a lighting console, but her words resonate in the breathtaking designs that Parnelli Visionary Award winner Howard Ungerleider has done for longtime client Rush as well as a host of other superstars ranging from Def Leppard and Rod […]

Christian Choi: Convergent Design

For this Emmy-nominated designer, lighting is as inextricably woven into scenic elements as lyrics are to music in a song or one dancer is to another in choreography. As seen through the perspective of Choi’s creative vision, without scenic elements what is there to light on a stage or a set? Conversely when you take […]