Lighting Insights

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Mantente Fuerte y Enciende la Luz

“En medio de la oscuridad, la luz persiste”, escribió Mahatma Gandhi. Si bien todos enfrentamos el duro impacto que la pandemia de Coronavirus está teniendo sobre nuestra familia, amigos, colegas, clientes y empresas, creemos que en ese evento, en medio de esta oscuridad, la luz encontrará la manera de pasar. Y lo hace. Esto se […]

Ovation E-910FC Ellipsoidals Dazzle
At National Portrait Gallery

Walt Whitman called it “that noblest of Washington buildings.” The great American poet tended wounded soldiers in the stately Greek Revival style building during The Civil War. President Lincoln celebrated his second inauguration in its Great Hall. Many years later the stately structure was reborn as the National Portrait Gallery. Part of the Smithsonian Institution […]

Matt Ford: The Everything of Light

For this Emmy Award winner, lighting should do more than illuminate a TV production; to be truly successful it must also permeate every aspect of a program, from painting the background to underscoring the narrative to highlighting the talent. Only lighting that is this encompassing can, in his view, bring a show to life. Ford […]

Warm Tungsten Look Is Cool

Recently our friends at Live Design ran a story entitled, “Rage Against the Dying of the Light,” borrowing a famous line from poet Dylan Thomas. The article was on The Light, a poem by multimedia artist Sarah Beck that honors “the final days of the tungsten light bulb.” Without prognosticating on the future of the […]

Sean Burke: Dividing Light

During our interview with this Irish designer, we often found ourselves talking about things that didn’t directly involve lighting. Strange, when you consider that Burke is one of the most acclaimed LDs of his generation with superstars like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez and The Cranberries among his clients. Those who know the owner of Holes […]

Fashion Forward: WELL Flex Downlights NYC Runway

Although our battery-powered WELL Flex fixtures are typically used for uplighting, they’re perfectly capable of doing a 180 and excelling as downlights too. This was brilliantly demonstrated during New York Fashion Week 2015, when lighting designer Blaine Hentz, positioned 48 of our RGBW LED units on 12’ high silver truss structures to light the runway […]

Daniel Bouchard On : Building Video Wall Designs

Video wall design is entering a bold new era. The 2015 version of Life In Color “The World’s Largest Paint Party” provided eye-popping proof of that. As impressed as we were with previous LIC festivals like the symbolic Phoenix in 2013’s Rebirth Tour or the mesmerizing circle of light in 2014’s Unleashed, neither prepared us […]

Barrett Hall: Unfolding Light

Oftentimes Barrett Hall will begin a new design project by asking himself how he would go about creating a certain look if all he had at his disposal were a few conventional par cans and some basic gels. It’s not that the acclaimed New York LD is bereft of technological skill. Anyone who’s seen his […]

Seth Jackson: Lighting The Big Picture

Lighting never takes place in a vacuum. Every designer knows this, but few have woven this concept as completely into their work as Seth Jackson. Whether he’s designing lighting or a theatrical set, the multiple Parnelli Award winner has an ability to view his work in the context of how it fits into the overall […]